Warren at Joshua Tree

Had an absolute blast hanging out with the folks at Olloclip for their Kickstarter experience.  After traveling several days out in southern California we headed out to Joshua Tree for some hiking and pictures. Made a quick picture of my friend Warren – a wonderful graphic designer and musician with The Post War.  Loved how small he is in the frame on the left compared to the immense rock formations in Joshua Tree.  Think i’ll be running this one through the Pro-1000 to see what it looks like printed big!

Day 3 of the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) #refocusObesity shoot. Today we are at Sushi Alive - Asian Bistro & Raw Bar in Tampa

Posted by RC Concepcion on Friday, April 8, 2016

On Location for the #RefocusObesity Shoot

Wanted to do a quick Facebook Mentions cast to show you where we were working on in Tampa for the Obesity Action Coalition #RefocusObesity project. We were on location at Sushi Alive in Tampa doing a shoot with a model – why not give you a behind the scenes look at whats going on and what gear we are using!    

Refocus Obesity : A New Media Gallery

Excited about this morning.  Today I start shooting a project i’ve been working on behind the scenes for a bit – and has become near to my heart.  A couple of months ago I was approached by the Obesity Action Coalition to help them create a stock library of individuals with Obesity for use in news research, non-commercial television reporting, and similar functions. This is the start of a bigger project that I am working on over the next several months – and I think its a conversation that I think we should all have as photographers. If you want…