Doing photography for a living is not the next evolutionary step in showing your commitment to being a photographer.

Learning the craft is.

Reflecting on Photography


Sabine has been doing -great- during her time in riding her bike. I’ve been cautiously excited as to how well she’s been doing. After many days of riding with only showing a skinned knee for it,  she went out with Jenn and her friends to a trail to go riding and a picnic. I’m still just nervous.  And it comes to a full tilt in my head when Jenn calls me, with a wailing Sabine in the background.  Apparently she went down an area that sped up, went off the trail and really really banged up her chin, blood from superficial…


While we were on The Grid yesterday Scott Kelby announced a bit of a change in direction for me at Kelby One.  I’m excited and humbled to take a position with the company of Director of Content and Education. I’m so thankful for all of the congratulations I’ve seen online – and figured I’d use the opportunity to share why I am so pumped to be doing this. An Unabashed Evangelist For 8 years I have been working with Kelby Media Group in providing education in photography and the Adobe suite of applications. We’ve worked on books together, launched a bunch of…


Getting ready to head out in the AM for the Photo Pro Expo for a couple of days this weekend and am getting some sample shots ready.  Stumbled onto this pic I made and thought it be good to use for some post processing.  Make sure you click on it to see a bigger size. Figured its a different look for an office.