On September 10 and 11 Canon will be holding their Expo in NYC! Held once every FIVE years, this will be a place where you can check out all sorts of Canon technology! A bunch of us will be headed up to this invite only event. Now, even though it’s invite only – we have a code for you guys to come! Head over to the KelbyOne Blog for more information: http://bit.ly/1EzK1Aj


Sabine got back from Nutcracker auditions today. What she didn’t know was her friends Jay and Susan were already here and set up her new present for her next year in Piano. Susan told Sabine “you’re going to be playing the classics… You are going to need a classic..” I feel blessed beyond words and still slack jawed over the whole thing. Sabine is overjoyed and we are so grateful.


After an all too brief summer break its time for me to hit the road. Excited to be kicking off the Lightroom CC Power Tour. ¬†First stop, Charlotte, NC. Usually brings me to a gear gush. What kinds of things come out on the road. These days I have three lenses that come out with me: The 16-35, the 24-70, and the 70-200 all paired on the Mark III. One of a series of upgrades that I’m making inside of the bag is the slow move into the G-Tech EV ATC’s for the drives. I still have about 4 Gdrive…