Barry Shwartz on Wisdom

While playing around on the internet, a buddy of mine Joey L. had tweeted a great speech from Barry Schwartz on our loss of Wisdom. He makes a great call for the return of Practical Wisdom.

If you’re not familiar with TED – it stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. It was a conference that brought these three fields together to speak at a conference and share ideas. Aside from the conference now they have something called TEDTalks, which I think EVERYONE should subscribe to. You can see some of the most thought provoking videos on the net here.

Fill the brain with Food. Check out TEDTalks right away!


  1. I also watched his talk on the Paradox of Choice

    Ive always found it both amusing and sad when I go to get toothpaste from Target. Why oh why are there so many?

  2. Thank you RC this speech by Barry Schwartz was inspiring.

    I am considering sending the link to all of the people at the corporation I work for and a,t and especially to those who have said to me “that I keep them honest”. I do not want to be known as “the one who keeps them honest”
    I want to be part of an organization where each and every one of us keeps the organization “honest/morale”.

    I will be heading over to TED for more.

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