The Ovallite Ringlight

ringtest2Back when I was taking a look at Joey L’s Sessions DVD, I noticed that he was using this light. Its a fluorescent (5400K) constant light that really works as an oversized ringlight. In the DVD, Joey mentions that he got it at a German website and had it shipped over.
Turns out, I was able to find a company called Ovallite that sells it here in the US. I called up and ordered it and in a few days, it was at my doorstep.

The light seems plentiful (the shot below I did in front of a two car garage to be able to show you the amount of spread and intensity.. it was pitch dark in there) and the effect looks awesome. As soon as I get some more time to play with it, I will. I just wanted to share a couple of quick shots of it, let you know about the site (the proprietor was courteous and prompt.. TOTALLY recommend him), and give you a quick look at a shot. Check out some of the pics below. Enjoy!




  1. So how much does it cost?

  2. I paid 129 for it at his website.

    Hope it helps!

  3. There is no pricing on the website. It just says “call for price”. But there’s no phone number either! What number did you call to order?

  4. Hey John: I called the one on the header of the page: 323-301-8787.

  5. Hmm, I’m not sure if its the same.. they look different slightly.. but maybe its just my imagination.

    Have you done anymore testing with it, or had further thoughts?

    I’m curious if I should order the one you got, or have one shipped over from germany via a european friend.

  6. Hi RC, como estas? Can you tell me the website? I watched Joey L and I got interested. Thanks

  7. Hi RC

    i am from germany, i googled for that german company selling these lights you mentioned but didnt find. any chance to find out what company that was ?

    greetings from big german RC fan


  8. Just thought I’d post on this.

    I ordered the light from Ovallite, and was disappointed that it was a faulty unit. I called the proprietor and happened to catch him while he was in the warehouse.

    After explaining my situation, he told me he would be sending me a new unit, free of charge. That being said, I can’t really review this light just yet, but I can talk about the build quality of it.

    Plastic Plastic Plastic. Not terribly flimsy, but not too inspiring. How the other pieces are put together is another story. When inspecting it closer (after discovering it didn’t work) I found the machine screw heads showed signs of wear, and the hole where the AC cord connects to the electrical housing was poorly drilled.

    Though this is the fault of the factory it was produced. (Made In China) I would of expected Ovallite to inspect the units when they were shipped.

    Oh well.

    I’m looking forward to getting the new unit. I just have to ask the author: What kind of power output can I look forward to? What kind of quirks/limitations have you encountered when using this light?

  9. Hi again,

    I have received the new ringlight and have used it enough to form an opinion on it — It is an absolute delight. It is a welcome addition to any serious studio, despite its lowly 65w status, I can shoot ISO100, 125th @2.8 for that soft dreamy look, and have enough room to close down for more DOF. However, the size of it alone is the reason to purchase it.

    Obviously it is a specialized light, and not nearly as flexible in output as an Orbis/Rayflash/AlienBee Ringlight. Despite this, it can still produce amazing results:

    As a photography student, I’m still waiting for my classmates/instructors to get sick of me overusing this it. Highly recommend trying this light out.


  10. @ simon from germany

    Here’s the website for the german model :

    Hope you get it you lucky bas%?rd!! 😉

  11. Forgot to say a big thanks to RC for this info.
    I’ve been looking for something like this for a very long time.

    I love your work by the way.

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  13. i cant find this puppy in stock ANYwhere 🙁 can anyone help?


  14. Hi, do you have any updates on this product? I would love to see some photo work that you achieved using this and any other input since your previous post. Thanks!

    PS. The Ovallite site is showing “not available.” Anyone have any luck recently?

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