Pinch Me : Rocking SF!

psw-20-c1-782 You know, I don’t think that there is a day that i don’t go to (or come from) work that I don’t look at what I do and just beam. Let’s see: When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to be a school teacher. I went from that to becoming a corporate nerd.. to traveling the world.. to losing it all.. to reinventing myself and ultimately landing at the top of my game over where I am now.. it’s just surreal.

I have the pleasure to work with Scott Kelby – a person who I admire for many different things – marketing genius, Photoshop genius, Business Acumen – you name it. I’ve been steeped in the photography in the people who I consider to be idols, and on a daily basis I get to get out there and share that with the masses..

On top of all of that – I was able to go to San Francisco this past week, and stand on stage at the 20th birthday of Adobe Photoshop. I remember when Photoshop came on the scene, and I remember what it felt like to first use it. To think that I would go from that end user to the person standing on stage in front of the engineers was surreal to say the least.

What was even more surreal was to give this presentation in the middle of a packed theater around the two people who made it all – John and Thomas Knoll. People feel very very passionately about this program.. and to be able to sit back and just watch how many people’s lives were touched by it had to have been a great experience. To stand on stage and provide testimony of that was even better.

I even got a chance to shoot a couple of frames with the Knoll family!! Talk about nervous! I wish the lights were better for the event. All in all, I think I got some shots that are actually usable. I chatted with Jennifer Knoll; John’s wife. Man, was she cool.. one of the nicest people I met all day in San Fran. Corey was about to come undone- standing next to John; what with all of his work at ILM. Driving back we were gitty like schoolchildren- dreaming what it be like to be in the halls of ILM..

Totally overlooking the fact that we had just given a presentation that we wouldve never seen ourselves give in our lives. Its just blessings upon blessings…. and we are so grateful.


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