The Engagement at La Jolla by the Sea

So there I was walking around with Ed Sanchez (one of the co-founders of NIk Software) getting some fresh air out in the beautiful La Jolla, CA area. We were in the office checking out stuff but the day called us out to just go walk and take the sea air in.

We all grabbed cameras, just in case, but I think we were mostly into just being outside for the afternoon. As we were walking, I notice a girl running down this ramp to a young man waiting, taping her with his video camera the whole time. He’s in this little Gazebo and, despite the wind, its adorned in red ribbons notecards and little tea lights. She gets to him and hugs him as if she hasn’t seen him in a million years, and he turns the camera to himself.

I think to myself “This guy isn’t done yet.” As I’m doing that, I see Ed talking to another girl in spanish whos standing by the rails. She tells Ed that he is going to propose.

It makes me go back to several years ago in my head. I surprised my wife Jenn during our engagement (that’s another story for another day), and someone had the foresight to make sure it was taped.

I’m a big storyteller.. and I love talking about all of the cool moments that happen to us. I’m also grateful to have the NIkon D3S with me that also happens to do movies in addition to pictures.

No tripod, no preparation… in a couple of clicks I switch over to Movie mode and we wait and watch:

(The song is called “Please Don’t Go” by Barcelona – an amazing Seattle group. Their album is a must get!)

It’s not the best video that i’ve shot. Its shaky in some spots.. soft in others.. but that doesn’t matter. What’s most important here is the look on her face. The intensity in how they hold one another. This was their moment.

I gave them some time alone and just waited a while till they seemed to be back to normal. I walked over and congratulated them. I then gave them my card and told then it would be my pleasure to send them any video I got and some pictures if they wanted. They immediately said yes, and let me do a couple more frames of them by the sea.

You can just feel how happy they are. Thankfully – they’ll be able to as well for the rest of their days.

I don’t even know their names.. but congratulations. It’s an incredible ride…

Vive L’amour


  1. I’ve got goosebumps and am completely misty-eyed… Such a great video. Just goes to show that you don’t need fancy shooting or editing as long as you capture the “heart” and raw emotion of the moment. Simple… and, so amazing! Way to go, RC!

  2. Dude, that is so AWESOME!!!!!! They are going to love this for the rest of their days.

  3. Awesome video RC! The couple will treasure this for a lifetime.


  4. Vive L’amour indeed! =) Well, that caused a few happy tears over in our office. Thanks for sharing that RC and congratulations to the happy couple!

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  6. Man, you make me clap this video!!

    There are moments like these that make us believe that tenderness and respect still are among us, in a world we live nowadays.

    Thanks for your perception, and thanks for sharing it.

    Keep this feeling in your job !

  7. What a great moment to capture for them. Congrats to all involved, a nice warm Friday moment ;o)

  8. Thank you RC….

    This was really special. I don’t even know what to say. That you were there at that moment an were able to get those photos and the movie… Wow, what an opportunity for you, and mostly for them. You’ve given them a wonderful gift, not only the movie but a gift of yourself.

    Thank you for what you do and how we all get to benefit from it.


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  10. True Love exists ! I’m so glad. Beautiful video, it made me cry. Thank you RC for sharing this.

    Lili Rey

  11. That’s awesome that you happened to be there when that happened! Very nice!

  12. RC – that is an awesome video. It is for these types of moments that we become photographers. Soft and shaky video does not even compare to capturing the emotion of this life changing moment. AWESOME!!!!!

  13. it good to see love still exists in this crazy world ….. I wish them well …..

  14. I got CRAZY goosebumps watching this. Really, really beautiful thing to watch happen.

  15. RC-
    …and my wife always wondered why I watched endless videos of you on Layers TV and Kelby Training…now she’s a bigger fan than I am…and that says a lot. Thank you for sharing this and thanks to the couple for letting their private life become public for a few moments.


  16. This is a very powerful video and you captured the raw emotion of young love! Well Done!

  17. This is so amazing, so special….love it! I posted a link to it on my fb page too..I think more people should see it! 🙂
    Thanks – great stuff!!

  18. thanks for sharing this RC 🙂 it’s touching, moving and amazing… loved it… i definitely had to share it with friends…

    would appreciate if you could link this blog entry on the youtube video page as well … or maybe put the blog post in the description area of the video…

    congratulations to the couple 🙂 may they always be happy as they are this day…

  19. Wow. I just cried. That was amazing. Thanks so much for sharing.

  20. RC, that’s just awesome! I hope the couple enjoys it. Right place, right time, and a story just unfolds. Thanks for sharing.


  21. Incredible, and so beautifully captured. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us!! LOVE it!!

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  23. Wonderfully done. I proposed in a gazebo once. It was beautiful and I wish that you would have been walking by.

  24. Simply beautiful. Nice job on capturing such a special moment in the lives of these two.

  25. WOW, I’m speechless. Simply amazing. You truly captured the emotion and feeling of the moment. It’s photography like this that reminds me why I picked up a camera years ago and inspires me to keep learning, experimenting, and growing with it. The power a photographer has to do good or evil, to profoundly impact many people’s lives, should never be taken lightly or forgotten. You’ll likely never know how many lives you will have touched with your simple act of kindness and thoughtfulness; the new couple will certainly cherish it the rest of their lives, as will their future children and following generations I’m sure. Thanks for sharing!

  26. I heard about this video via someone I know on a website called I knew this fellow would never post about anything that wasn’t worth my time.

    I just watched it and am still feeling the tears. What a gift you’ve given these two, and what good fortune that we are able to experience it thanks to your being there with your camera. Real life – light years beyond anything scripted.

    Thank you so much and thank you to Scott Bourne’s site for leading my friend here.

  27. Simply incredible, RC. Beautiful.

  28. You were put there at that moment for that reason.

  29. Gotta love the quick look the guy gives just before kneeling down on the video:
    “Here goes, wish me luck”
    “Good luck!”

    And almost crying here, but even jimmy natchwey would 😀

  30. Wonderful pictures, RC!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  31. I’m weeping like a little baby, RC. And knowing you and your kindness makes it that much more special! They’ll cherish this gift forever. (Where were you when I got engaged?) LOL!

  32. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, it is very special for our family. By the way, their names are Isaac and Daniela.

  33. Thank you sooooo much for being there. I told my friend “Isaac”, that I wanted to see a video of this moment. I wanted to see her reaction, and there you were, to film this wonderful video and to take the time to post it and share it with them and of course with all the people that loves them.

    I can’t wait to watch this video again on their wedding day.

    And like everyone else already mentioned. They will indeed, treasure this gift all their life.


    Carlos (Isaac’s friend)

  34. Wow! That touched my heart. You captured beautiful memories for this couple. What an amazing vid. Thanks for sharing.

  35. I know this couple… She is one of my best friends!! RC thank you so much for this… I’m sure that Daniela & Isaac will treasure it for ever. And thank you so much that because of you I could see how they got engaged !!!

  36. Hey! nice work!

    I know those guys and they really apprecieatte it!!! they post it on FB. 😀

  37. Lovely and Special.
    A wonderful reminder that simple is better.
    And “real” rules/rocks.

  38. I´m the mother of the bride to be. I can´t thank you enouph for this video. You made my family very happy, and made everybody cry!!! It´s a memory that will last forever. Thank you sooooooo much!!!

  39. hi men… nice work by grabbing this video.. by grabbing my cousin.. the most beautiful video that i have ever seen in my life.. thanks..

    i promise i will send you some pictures about the wedding.. just send me your mail please… thanks

  40. There are some moments in your life that make you happy to be born. I’m sure this one will count for the rest of their lives, and, thanks to you RC, this lovely couple will keep a proof of their young and deeply sincere love.
    Cheers to you RC, you made this day warmer for me!

  41. WOW…amazing…talk about being in the right place at the right time..Good for you RC in capturing what this couple will cherish for a long long time! And yes tears in my eyes as well.


  42. RC – what a great gift you’ve given them – beautifully done! Another example of the lesson: Don’t leave the house (or the office) without your camera…can’t get the shot if you don’t have the gear in hand.

  43. You’ve given them a gift and you’ve given the world a gift too. What better gift is there than to be reminded of the power of love. Tears here.

  44. I’m Norman from the Philippines. Congratulations to both of you. I had goosebumps when i watched this video. It reminds me of some old love story in the movies. It is very romantic and you will feel that they love each other so much. I wish i could do like this with my wife. Congratulations and Best Wishes.

  45. wow, what a wonderful moment for ALL of you! This is why we have our cameras with us at all times…you never know!!! This made me be in love with love again….thanx to all and congrats to couple.

  46. I would´ve loved to have the memory of my engagement, she is my niece, and we are all very happy thank you very much! I hope it is possible for my 50 marriage anniversary. It´s going to be on may 12 pf this coming year. Kitty

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