Meet Dany & Issac! The La Jolla Epilogue

Meet Dany and Issac – the couple from the La Jolla Engagement.  I get to share their moment.. & how the world takes care of itself in this post….

They Contacted Me!

So after a few nervous days on my part, I finally received the email that I was hoping to get. Early one morning I got an exhuberant email from Dany (the young girl in this picture) asking whether I had a video that I can send her so she could see. Throughout this entire time, Dany and her husband to be Issac had no clue that I had cut the video and posted it on youtube. The story is interesting to me on many levels. Read on to see why..

The video

Dany, her friends, and her family were so overjoyed over the fact that the video even exists.. and it makes me so incredibly grateful that I was there to capture that moment. But the story hits a personal note for me on a way different level.

I don’t know what i’d call it – but at its simplest form I believe in some form of Karma. Lord knows i’m not a saint – but I generally believe that you should put good moments out into the world to pay back for all of the good moments that you are given. I live a blessed life. I have the job of my dreams and a wonderful family.. I figured i’d break a little bit and share with you just how interesting the world can be.

A Karmic Story
A few months ago, it would be an understatement to say that I was burning the midnight oil. Fistfulls of Red Bull in hand, i was committed to finishing a couple of projects I needed to get off my plate.. This meant a lot of near sleepless nights while I fiddled with passion project after passion project – an ever increasing amount of guilt of not getting to spend a lot of time with my daughter Sabine.

It’s 5am one morning, and im churning through emails and looking at websites, with some music playing randomly from the internet (Think it was Pandora or something). From the corner of my eye, I see Sabine at my office door.. up earlier than usual. I pick her up – my guilt for not spending time with her weighing like a stone. Just at that moment “Please Dont Go” by Barcelona starts playing (i’ve never heard of the band before).

Normally Sabine is a very wiggly girl, being almost 2. It’s almost as if she -knew- I needed her to sit tight. Throughout the entire song, she didnt budge one inch.. all the while nestled in a hug – her little hand tapping me on the arm. It’s almost as if she was telling me “Its cool… im here” Choked up, I savored every minute of that song, and when she wiggled off at the next one.. I was recharged on a level I hadn’t been in soo long.

But the thought stayed with me. That…. by all accounts.. was a very weird moment..

I felt very grateful to ‘The Song’ and I wanted to find some project to do to pay it back to the cosmos.. I played it in my car and thought about the different ways I can use it to fuel my photographic passion. It was in the player on my phone when I boarded the plane to San Diego. When I stumbled onto Dany and Issac, I KNEW that was the moment I needed to do it for. I stayed up for a few hours working the rough cut.. and posted it to youtube knowing full well someone else would benefit from such a great moment.. as I did several months back.

So in a great Karmic spin, Dany now has -her- moment to keep with the song.

Want another interesting Karma spin? Her birthday is September 11 – Sabine’s birthday.

Pay it to the world. The world has an amazing way of giving it right back to you.


  1. What a moment! Who wouldn’t want one of the most happiest days of their life captured for their own children to see one day. A lot of people would of passed this moment by, just seeing two kids enjoying each others company. Some would of taken a shot or two and moved on. Whatever it was that made you stick around, that voice in your head saying, “…just wait, just wait,” was well worth the patience.

  2. Hi RC!
    I am the girl who was talking in spanish to Ed. I am Dany´s aunt. I have wanted to write to you since we saw the video about a week ago! I can´t believe it was up for so long before we knew it even existed!
    There is so much more still to this story, maybe one day we can tell you in person, like how I got Dany to go from George´s (the restaurant where we were all having lunch at) down to the beach, lying thru my teeth, since she didn´t know Isaac was even in San Diego!
    When I left the beach, after leaving Dany with Isaac, I thought I was going to miss one of the most special things I have taken part in. So after hiding behind you for a while so they wouldn´t see I was still around (don´t know if you noticed) I left and tried to imagine what would happen!
    When we saw the video, we cried and cried and were thrilled to have this wonderful surprise!
    You have no idea the gift you have given us! It is just unexplainable! We were all wondering how it must have been! Even when they described to us as best as they could, its not the same! And a picture does tell a thousand words!
    We knew they were in love, but seeing their faces in the video and her reaction, is just priceless. And their huge smiles in the pictures you took of them after!
    Thanks RC, for this gift, Dany and Isaac are two of the most important people in my life and being a part of this is something I will never forget!
    A lot of people say its quite a coincidence that you were there. To me there are no coincidences, there are good omens and you being there that day, on that part of the beach, at that precise time, is a very big one!
    We have talked about this all week and showed it to everyone we know! And everytime I see it I cry, can´t help it, its just beautiful!
    And we loved the story about Sabine listening to the song! Good omens see?
    Is she the one sitting by the pumkins?
    Good karma to you!

  3. Yeah.. that’s Sabine. 🙂

  4. This is a wonderful gift to Dany and Issac.
    Beautiful moment!

    Thanks for sharing RC.

  5. Double WOW….an amazing and beautiful story….by just having your camera at that moment, you have “touched” so many….thank you RC

  6. Beautiful song and beautiful video and images! What a moment to catch…. and a sweet and amazing story to go with it. How great. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. Hi again RC
    I need to ask you something urgent but it has to be on an e mail that is not public like here. Can you contact me via my e mail? thank you!!

  8. Darn this pollen making my eyes all watery while I watched the video!

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