Sabine on the iPad

For the longest time i’ve been the odd man out.  I’ve sat by at Photoshop World and watched how everyone jumped out and pulled out the iPhone and had everyone look at me and go “ohhhhh.. sorry.”  They do it to tease me.  Truth be told, it’s never really bothered me.  Being on a Droid for me has been a choice.  Up until a few years ago I was a pretty avid PC user, the Mac creeeping in little by litle into my workflow.

I’ve always been one to point out that I think you can use both systems and still be OK in the tech world.  I just didnt think it was imperative to -choose- a side. This is something that I think my buddy Terry White is really good at – he reviews tech gear and loves Apple products, but he’s very open about stating what he doesnt like about them.  I value that.

My opinions about the Apple/Adobe thing notwithstanding, I felt like I turned a corner in my head recently.  Last night, Jenn and I were sitting in the living room catching up on the last episode of House before she leaves for NY for 10 days (her Grandfather passed away about an hour after I took the pic – rest in peace, Evo).

As we are eating our food, I see Sabine out of the corner of my eye, just entranced with the iPad.  This is, however, a very common sight to see.  You see, ever since we got the iPad in the house as a loan, the ONLY person in it that’s taken to it with complete rapture is Sabine.  She FLIES on it.  Gets her apps to play with, watches her videos – completely content.  She cries when we take it away and calls it ‘iPad’ or ‘Elmo’

And that’s when it hit me.  She didnt need to read a manual.  She didn’t need to watch the Apple videos.  She didn’t need to take a class. She just needed to watch a little bit and she just took off with it.  The elements of User Experience I feel are very very unsung.. until you experience bad UX.  It is very very apparent that Apple has thought hard about this, polishing the idea down so that the widest possible audience can ‘get it’.

That kind of passion is very evident in what they do – and I think totally deserves credit where its due.  She LOVES it – and it makes it very clear why we all do.


  1. My 2.5 year old, Quinn, is the same way. We have a single iPad for a family of 5 and, in reality, it’s hardly enough. We have Dora season 1 loaded up for trips 😉

  2. My 5 year old, Sakai, absolutely loves the iphone. She can pull up videos on You Tube. The iPad even saved me when I had to take her with me to a meeting. She sat quietly with the iPad and her earphones. I recently (June) jumped over to the 15″ MacBook Pro and will never go back. It’s so intuitive and easy.

  3. I must agree with you Apple has made the whole line of Ipod touch/Ipad/Iphone very very user friendly. My daughter (3 at the time) was able to get on there and play games. Loves the scribble pad. She learned to open it, and use the different features. (Change colors, size, shapes, etc…) To my delight we were laying in bed one morning when she turned and asked if she could watch Photoshop TV (Photoshop User TV).
    I looked at her surprised and asked how she knew that. She said cause she watches it. So apparently the photoshop guys are funny enough for a 3 year old. Ofcorse, I said sure let me turn it on for you. She said “it’s ok I know how to do it!”

    Greatest gadgets ever.

  4. My daughter, the same age as sabine, loves my iphone. She plays puzzles, animatch, and a lot of cute apps!
    I am shocked at how fast she got the hang of it!
    Are kids wired different now? or is it just easy?
    Every morning she wants to play with it, I´ve had to say that it has no battery so I can use it!!!
    Thanks to the iphone we can sleep in on saturday!!!
    Check out peek a boo barn app, maybe they have it for the ipad.
    Best wishes

  5. My 5 year old grandaughter draws on my iphone, pulls up You-Tube videos and changes my wallpaper…..all this and no one showed her how. I was not getting calls because she had turned down the ring tone volume…..I initially did not know where to go to fix it. My three year old grandaughter is following in her footsteps. I am amazed with how quickly they figure out how to use the iphone without any instruction.

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