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St. Luke the Evangelist – an HDR Pano

St. Luke The Evangelist - 25 years
A friend of mine asked me to come to his church, St. Luke the Evangelist in Palm Harbor, Florida to take pictures of a mass celebrating 25 years of the church, and an installation of a new Pastor. This would have a visit from Bishop Robert Lynch from the Diocese of St. Pete. I’m sure the church would have been cool with just a series of pictures ‘covering’ the event, but as I sat there I thought to myself.

This is 25 years for this church – a place for community and sharing.. and all of these people have come to celebrate this new priest being installed. How could I capture that moment in a way where it can show the church united with this special visit. I figured making a ‘faux painting’ would work here.

3 shot brackets with a D3S on a 14-24 2.8. Took three sets – left, middle, and right. Merged in Photomatix and Processed in Photoshop. Added some post work to give it more of a painterly effect for printing on canvas. Thinking of sending it to Artistic Photo Canvas ( and see how it prints out. Maybe send it to them so they can hang it somewhere and remember this special moment.


  1. as always rc, your heart guided your camera! it’s beautiful on lots of levels …!!

  2. Awesome! I also want to thank you for the classes you teach at Kelby Training – keep them coming.

  3. Very Well Done looks great


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