Central Park in the Fall

You could not have asked for a better day than today. So, I was in the mood to shoot a landscape while I was in New York City. Some of the best memories I have are walking through Central Park – so naturally this would be an immediate choice for me. However, I wanted to be able to shoot Central Park from a view not that many people get to see.

What I got, was an altogether memorable experience. Let me tell you about it!

I had been wanting to shoot this vantage point for a while, but had no real idea of how to set it up. After researching Real Estate listings, and trying to contact the Jumeriah Essex House, I came up with a big fat 0. While I was on Twitter, my buddy Joe said “I think we can hook this up:”

Now, fast forward about a month or so, and I think he has the hookup set. Problem is that, this morning is just cloudy and rainy.. not the sun in sight at all. I gave Joe a call to see if he still wanted to come down. He said.. hey.. worst case scenario, we can go and have a beer and grumble about being skunked on the shoot.

As we get to the shoot, the clouds are parting and nothing but blue sky appears. I am doing the biggest happy dance out there, feeling like this is going to be the time we get it! Excited I enter the building and meet with the contact. About 30 minutes later we are approaching the Terrrace we are going to shoot from and it is POURING OUT AGAIN!!! No clouds.. no sun.. NOTHING. There were little breaks here and there.. but for the most part.. nothing but rain.

Joe and I getting SOAKED trying for some shots..

We tried to hang out there as long as we could, but it just didn’t seem like it was going to let up at all. Dejected, we finally decided to break it down and head in. As Joe was wiping mud off of his feet and packing the bag, i look past him back at the sky, only to see a big double rainbow, RIGHT DOWN CENTRAL PARK! In a second, both cameras were out, and we were giggling at the fact that we were out there getting this great moment.

Central Park Rainbow
That was the shot with the rainbow

Central Park in Fall

Im sure this was a good deal based on luck – but it can’t be overstated that a little tenacity can get you a long way. It’s one of the things i’ve admired about Joe, and it seemed to pay off for us in spades this day.


  1. Your Latin skills are pretty outstanding 😉
    Nevermind, your pics are great. Thanks for sharig.

  2. I still wish you would actually tell us. or it was a joke?

  3. Great shot and thanks for everything!

  4. Totally just noticed the greek text. Just went in and updated the story. With pictures.



  5. “A double rainbow?! What does it mean?!” – lol

    Once again, great shot RC. Gotta love the hometown..(whoa almost typed “hoetown” – lol)

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