The Tunnel of Trees

Tunnel Of Trees

When traveling in Kauai, Hawaii for the DIgital Landscape Workshop Series with Moose Peterson, we passed this road of trees. I dont remember much of that time other than how completely serene the tunnel made me feel as we crossed through. A lot of me really wanted to be able to run out of the car and take a picture of it, but alas we had to get to the afternoon shoot.

How happy was I that a few days later I would pass it on a trip to get some Puka Dogs. This time, Jeff Leimbach and I were able to stop the car and make some shots. I was very grateful for his family to give us the opportunity to make this picture. While I shot many pictures during that visit, this one really reminds me of how calm it felt to be there.

How grateful was I that I was able to take a bracket of images for me to process later. A couple of clicks and turns of this mechanical box and I was able to recreate what it felt like passing through, if for just a bit.


  1. Transporting us to enjoy the trip with you! Delightful and serene. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your photo really tells me how calming and serene the place is/was to you. I can feel it just by watching your image. Great shot. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is a testimony to the regenerative power of nature. Last time I was in Kauai, about a year after Hurricane Iniki, these trees were still suffering and had been stripped by the storm. Glad to see them back and healthy again.

  4. I remember that strip. The drive through it was magical.

  5. Totally Awesome Pic, RC. While driving back from the sugar mill, Daniel and I were talking about this spot. There was too much traffic for us to try and take pic. Perhaps next time I am in Kauai….

    Thanks for sharing…its great to see your work.

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