I’m pretty excited about this and figured i’d share. As soon as I finished the “Get Your Photography On The Web” book, i jumped right in and started working on book 2. This book would focus on the world of HDR Photography. I’m happy to say that the book is now available!

Why You Will Want To Get This Book
I dig running around making things into HDR works of art, as many people out there do. If you do a search on the bookshelf for HDR, you will find countless of people teaching the technique – Trey Ratcliff and Rick Sammon being dear to me (and David Nightingale, who also rocks it). I wanted to make something that was something a little different from what’s out there – almost focusing on something else on the process.

You see, creating an HDR image these days is pretty straightforward. Plug in some files into a software black box, jiggle some sliders and you’re done. This file that comes out, however, is only your halfway point in the path to making great HDR work. For your work to look like the masters out there, you really need to focus on one thing – post processing in Photoshop. You would be shocked to find out how much time is actually spent tweaking this HDR image with filters, plugins, effects, and TLC – just as you would affect a regular image. In short – the tonemapped file that you get one you run it through Photomatix or Nik’s HDR Efex Pro is really just your starting point.

That’s where this book comes in. I’ll talk about the HDR making process to start.. but I quickly leave that by chapter 3. The rest of the book is 13 projects where you get to tonemap and post process some of my HDR shots. The techniques are simple, but it’s the practicing that really gets you out there cutting your HDR chops. With 13 scenarios, you’ll have more than you need on your plate to get you up to speed in the world of HDR and Post Processing.

We Run The Whole Gamut of Styles
One of the other things that you see out there is that HDR has a very wide continuum of styles. From the ultra textured, hyper sharp, super colorzied, to the barely there, HDR – a lot of the war on whether people like is based on the fact that you can do so much with it. To that end, I cover that gamut in the book. We’ll process both ends, and even include things like HDR Faux Painting, and toning to Black and White with HDR (something I REALLY REALLY like now). My job isn’t to tell you what side of the continuum you should fall on when working on HDR. My job is to help teach you how it works, and YOU make that decision later.

You Get All The Sourcefiles
When I set out to make this book, I wanted to make sure that I included all of the raw project files so you can work on the projects along with me. From doing an interior real estate shoot with a NIkon P7000 point and shoot, to an exterior shoot with a 37 Megapixel Leica S2, to a 30 shot pano on the inside of a Navy Destroyer, ALL of the raw files will be available for you to use. All I ask is that when you post up, make sure you tell them about the book! I’ll even include presets for tonemapping for Photoshop, Photomatix, as well as my FAVORITE way to do HDR – HDR Efex Pro from Nik Software.

Speeder Bike Stormtrooper

Interviews with Some Great HDR People
I also wanted to take the opportunity to get out there and let you guys meet some people who are just passionate about HDR photography. From an avid Urbex explorer (who’s since become an industry guy, working for onOne Software) Brian Matiash, to Barb Cochran – a photographer who’s been able to find her passion in between flying planes and working HDR. Jim’s a Kentucky photographer who’s hobby has turned into some masterful work. Roger is the owner of Imagewizards – a company that’s dedicated to making HDR print on metal – something that is breathtaking to see. These are people, just like you and I .. who are out there playing around – and getting to celebrate them in the book was a true pleasure..

So there you have it. Why I wrote the book. Why you’ll want to get it. And why i’m so delighted to be able to announce it. I sure hope you enjoy it! Click on this link, or the book picture on the right to go to Amazon and preorder it.