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Popcorn Fight

My friend Kathy asked me not too long ago if I could help her take a picture of a concept she had for her friends dance school. For the end of the year, they wanted to have a picture made of all of the instructors in a movie theater scenario, kinda bickering with one another while she sat in the middle. Fake a movie theater? Throw popcorn? I’m down!

This was actually done in a warehouse called Arts on Ninth in Ybor (sadly, the place closed down). We setup about 4 speedlights and a gelled overhead projector in the back with some fog. A couple of pops of the fog and we got the Theater light we needed. From there, it was just a matter of getting them to play with one another enough to make a good frame. It pretty much went; toss popcorn, try for shot, clean up popcorn.. put back in cups, repeat. (I wouldnt eat that popcorn).. After a couple of shots, we hit the frame we wanted, Bob’s your uncle!


  1. Great photo but an even better use of ‘Bob’s yer uncle’ ;o)

  2. Fun! Great concept and you nailed the shot. They will all remember it!

  3. Love it!!!!! Really well done RC!!!

  4. Nicely done. excellent image and great use of flashes.

  5. Awesome! Great work!

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