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Hit And Miss

Over the weekend, I was coming back from an event when I decided to take a turn into John Chestnut Park in Palm Harbor, Florida. I just wanted to go drive around and scout – see if there was anything out there for me to take a picture of, or jot down for a later idea. I saw a bridge in the distance and took my scout shots. Seeing as I had a bracket of them, I came home and made an HDR of it. As much as I’d like to say I like it – I don’t think I really do.

Why is it up here, then? Well… I struggled really hard about making that right turn into the park. I struggled with whether or not I get out of the car, get the camera out, get the tripod out.. In short, I was being lazy. That said, I talked myself into doing it anyway – and while I wasn’t really happy with the outcome, I sure as hell was happy with the process once I did it. Carry your camera. Shoot with your camera. Whether it’s hit or miss, you’ll be happy to be trying.


  1. Beautiful and mysterious!

  2. These are the learning shots, though. Taking a great picture is easy. Taking a great picture on purpose is very, VERY hard.

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