Teaching a Free Nik Software Event May 10, 2011

Half Dome, Full MoonI love working with my computer.
As much as I love it, I’m always looking for a way for me to get from behind it to go shooting. To that end, I am a big supporter of companies that take my experience of Photoshop and make it cooler and more efficient. I feel like a lot of that is the case with Nik Software. From Silver Efex Pro to HDR Efex pro, and everything in between, I am not shy from using their stuff to make my images look great and give me time back.

I was pumped to be asked by Nik Software to do a one hour presentation showing people what I use, and how I work through an image. Because of the upcoming book, i’ve been keeping myself on a diet of HDR – so I’ll totally be showing how I use HDR Efex Pro to run some images. I figured, while I was there, I could spend some time running through all of the applications that I use and really just show how they can help me achieve a specific vision I want, in as short amount of time as I need it.

If i’m not mistaken, the registration is open to the first 1000 people, and will only last an hour. If you click on the picture above, it should take you to the GotoMeeting registration page where you can sign up and check it out. It should be a great time!

Obviously, if you’re into more of the HDR post processing stuff, be sure to click on that book over there on the right.. I hear it’s gonna be pretty good.. 🙂


  1. A fantastic webinar, RC! I learned so much in just an hour, especially about including poeple in HDR with PS Layer Masks.

  2. Hi RC,

    will there a be a possiblity to download the webinar for those like me who did not have the chance to attend it to entire time?

    Cheers from Germany

  3. The webinar was incredible RC, so many great HDR tips, but to me even better was to see your workflow and how you bring together your photos and software into a holistic effort. Great work. I am hoping that the webinar will be available on either your website or on Nik’s so that I can see it again. Thanks, Jeff

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