Convict Lake, CA Black and White

Convict Lake, in Black and White
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This is an image of Convict Lake, in the Eastern Sierra Nevadas – shot a few years ago while hanging out with my buddy Moose Peterson. I love the feel of the image and over the last couple of years i’ve come back to it to try different things with it. Recently I’ve experimented with some black and white treatments of it, and think I love this feeling the best. Hope you agree. Enjoy!


  1. Fabulous !

  2. I like this in B&W. I think I saw this in color at your Nik software presentation today. Those rocks in the middle make this photo for me.

  3. Dude, unbelievable image.

  4. image is NOT available. Whats up with that RC. You got me going to this page for the image and no image? I want my money back! 🙂

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