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Yosemite Falls at Night

Tonight I was playing around on Twitter when I saw one of our online friends refer to Yosemite and one of the falls there, Upper Yosemite Falls. That just made me go right back to that workshop I did with Moose Peterson, and just how chill it was out there.

Theres just something to be said about stepping out at night, and just hearing the rush of the water.  Staring out into a starfilled sky, these are the sights that you were greeted with.

Being a night photographer, tripod came out with me, and I just sat there in total relaxation while I took exposures that were well into 2 minutes for certain images.

Calm as I was, I had all the time in the world..


  1. This shot should be viewed large to really get the full visual impact of its beauty! Beautiful capture and feel to this image RC and makes me want to be there to chill for awhile…

  2. I clicked on the image and the stars are beautiful in the night sky. It is wonderfully peaceful!

  3. I still remember seeing your night shots on your iPad during the Sunday get-together. I was pumped that we did one of our shoots at night. I haven’t done much night photography, but what a great subject and what great moonlight we had! My post about the workshop is here:

  4. This is truly inspiring, thank you.

  5. I can’t believe how much better your shots of Bridal Falls came out compared to mine. This photo is just beautiful. I may not have gotten the same great photo but I sure Identify with how you felt out there. I had to tear myself away to be ready for the next workshop day.

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