Metrocon Tampa – Making Lemonade

(The guy at left – our new Photoshop Guy, Pete Collins . The guy to the right.. NOT Pete Collins..)

This weekend, Pete and I took off to check out Metrocon – An Anime / Cosplay convention in Tampa. To be completely honest.. I wasnt really impressed. While I think that there is a great avenue of expresion in these kinds of things.. most of what we saw at the conference just wasn’t really inspiring. Not to mention – this was one of the first conventions I had been to where someone who dressed up would look -away- at the people as they passed. It kinda defeated the purpose of what you were doing there.

The other problem? How do you take a cool picture of someone dressed really cool and make it not look like “Really Cool Looking Guy.. in a Convention Center Hallway”. While the costumes are great… the location didn’t really inspire Photography – which is what I wouldve thought someone -wouldve- wanted to do at these kinds of things. Not just walk around avoiding eye contact.

Our solution? The Restrooms. Well… just outside of it. in the wall immedaitely to the right of the restrooms we could have some texture that we could try to use for a backdrop. this would at least give us a fighting chance against getting a picture. We called a couple of people to the area and took pictures of them. This was one of three of the most interesting people at the place. While this guy was pretty cool.. it just didn’t warrant a lot of excitement, as a whole. That said – I was going to go anyway… lord knows I’m going to try something at least once – even if I fail at it!


  1. Dude, sorry I led you down the wrong path. When I took my daughter to pick uo her tickets, I saw a sea of cool costumes that I thought would make for some great shots. That’s why I mentioned the Con to you. Sorry if it didn’t lend itself to photos. I should have told you to come to our hotel (the Embassy Suites) next door. There were lots of great backdrop opportunities in the lobby and some different angles to explore from the balcony on the 2nd floor.

  2. RC, please refrain from any more photos of Pete on your blog. Your blog is great – don’t let Pete ruin it. Ha. Glad to see Pete is already being useful for you guys.

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