1. Do you ever NOT think about what some off camera flash action could accomplish? Probably only when dreaming exclusively in HDR!

  2. I love my P7000. I’ve not tried it with CLS yet, but there are some gorgeous images on Flickr using this camera with CLS. You can do it, so make it happen.

  3. Yeah, I often use my G11 in situations like that. The hotshoe gets me a dummy sync (with PW’s) up to 1/1,000th.

    If I go outside, get a polarizer on it & use my Elinchrom Quadra’s I get some results even my 1D series can’t achieve!

  4. Ouh, ever so cheerful Corey looks stiff, angry, grumpy… What did you say to get that reaction? Threated to take 3D out of his photoshop?

    Nice one!

  5. I’m very intrigued by the P7000, a camera capable of taking publication-quality photographs yet small enough to live unobtrusively in my laptop bag and thereby be, although not always with me, always close at hand. Since I just ordered your HDR book, I’m curious if the P7000 can be set up to run off a set of bracketed photos.

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