The HDR Samples Included in My HDR Book

I’m sitting here in a conversation with the folks at Peachpit doing a “Twitterview” and it occurred to me that it be a good idea to show the files that I am including in my book – “The HDR Book”. Figured this would best represent what i’m putting out there, what you can learn, and what you get to play with.

I sure hope you consider buying the book!

If you want to see the other 10, click on the read more link below!


  1. i loved this book so much that i bought the hardcopy at and i book the ebook on . keep up the good job RC

  2. Hi RC – I have gone digital with my books and want to get the HDR ebook. Do you know if I buy it on ibooks how or if the files come with it? or is that just with hardcopy? I want to find out before I buy! Love your work and teaching methods by the way! I used the “cookie” method with my son the other day! 🙂

  3. The shots look fantastic. I’m going to have to look into getting one. The third to last shot, looks like the bridge of a warship but I can’t tell what kind. I spent the past 5 years on Destroyers so I definitely connect with this shot.

  4. Despite it’s awful rep, most of the people that test Final Cut Pro X could actually turn out enjoying it!

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