Unboxing my Image Wizards Pano

image by Brad Moore

I’ve been dragging quite a bit this Monday, so imagine how much I was able to perk up when I saw that my pano of the NYC Skyline was here that I ordered from Image Wizards!. Packed in what seemed to be a truck made of Wood (These guys take shipping their stuff seriously), a 1 foot by 6 foot pano awaited. I chose their White Aluminum High Gloss, but they do have four to choose from here. A slideshow of unboxing is below!

The picture in this question came in a big plywood crate. This ensures that the thing doesnt get all bent in the process. To get it open, I’m taking a electric screwdriver to it.. id be there for days trying to manually do it!

When we get a print in the office, people can’t help but come out and see what the fuss is. Here, Pete Collins (The Newest Photoshop Guy) is helping me take the lid off the print

The print comes with a cloth that you can use to wipe it clean (as well as a ton of packaging to keep it safe inside that box.

Here she comes!!

Totally checking for detail… thats what im doing…


  1. That looks awesome RC.

  2. Just amazing!!!

    I need to take one photo like this one!

    Hugs from Brazil!


  3. That print looks absolutely stunning! What does that run to have printed?

  4. Now that’s a picture, will definitely be checking them out.

  5. It looks really amazing. I think it looks in real life even better!

  6. Looks superb RC; geez I only wish they were here in the UK too :/


  7. That looks sweet RC. I just may have to order one for my office.

  8. RC, looks awesome. Roughly how much $ ?

  9. RC, My Tuesday has been dragging too since I took Tracy to the Emergency Hospital today to find out she has been bit by a tick. After I brought her home, she wanted me to go to ger her prescriptions filled, then go the grocery store, and by the way get lunch for her. She is going to be OK. But since my day has been blown (I really love this woman!)and it’s about 5 PM EST I thought I would check things out, and you have made my day too!! Luv U Man!!

  10. I have three regular AluminArte’s at home but that Pano is sweet. I know it will not look as good as the real thing, but how about putting this pano as a banner on your homepage? Imagewizards rocks!

  11. Talk with them, I do not see why a small pond would keep you from doing a transaction.

  12. The price on the pano is about 350, I think.. you can go to the website and calculate whatever size you want on the image.

    Absolutely totally worth it..


  13. RC
    How can you buy a copy of this print?

  14. Hey Rich:

    Im going to be selling a limited number of these prints for a start of 700.

    The way I usually do it is I setup the print.. then only print X amount.. so in this case its like 15. As the prints start getting purchased, the price starts getting higher until they are sold out. Once its sold out, the image is retired, and it isnt printed again. This is why I wanted to do it on the metal – I dont plan on doing anything with the image cept those 15 for about 100 years.. 🙂


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  16. I see how this is going to bring new clients to me and they’ll be bringing the green to me so I can go and find more clients.

  17. Hi RC,

    I first heard you talk about Image Wizards metal prints on The Grid print episode. I was thinking about getting a large print made, roughly 20×30, and was trying to decide on the coating. I was wondering if you could give some insight on how you decide which coating to use for which print. At the moment I’m leaning toward either the White Aluminum Ultra Gloss or the Lightly Brushed Ultra Gloss offered by Image Wizards.



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