Proof: A Video Short Tribute

Ballerina + Photographer Mix by RC Concepcion (aboutrc)) on
Ballerina + Photographer Mix by RC Concepcion

This picture was something that i’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Part for me, because Sabine is such a beautiful mix of Jenn and I . Another part of me wanted to do it as a thank you of sorts to a friend. Joe Mcnally has contributed to our lives in inspiration, mentorship, technique, and in all of these little circles… I figured a picture in return could be something..


  1. Hi RC,
    this video was is amazing!
    It moved me to tears.

  2. Dude… Best. Post. Ever. Regardless of what we do for a living, being human and being able to find such a meaning on things is what make us realize the power of love is all around, and how we are blessed to meet “key” people along the way to help us… Thanks for opening up your heart and your family in such a way… God bless you all.

  3. Just….wow.
    Amazing job RC. Truly.

  4. Amazing photo, amazing story:)
    They grow up so fast.

  5. Thanks for sharing, RC. That’s a lovely look inside to understand your family and what you love.

  6. Thank you… It took my breath away…


  7. Beautiful story. Beautiful video. Thanks for sharing!

  8. What an amazing video. Very moving and a true insight to you and Jenn’s art.

  9. Wow. The photograph is amazing on its own, but add the backstory and it’s off the hook. The events that made this moment happen brings life to the image. Thanks for sharing it.

  10. Thanks to RC, Jenn and Sabine, I think this video just made the difference for me and my photography. Thanks for the “Proof”


  11. The power of a photo!!!


  12. Very beautiful! I watched it four times in a row and cried each time. The power of your story is proof of how photography changes our lives.

  13. A beautiful video – thanks so much for posting it. It explains perfectly why I’m a photographer.

  14. This was a wonderful and inspiring story RC. If I were to win the lottery, I’d spend as much time as I have left to live following Joe McNally around learning photography from him.

    Thank you and Jenn for sharing πŸ™‚

  15. RC & Jen… Beautiful… simply beautiful!

  16. The power of friends, family and passion, I feel as if I just received a warm, heartfelt hug. Thank for sharing.

  17. Brilliantly done; beginning to end.

  18. A most compelling piece for any photographer, dancer, and parent. Bravo.

  19. This is why I follow your posts.

  20. WOW… This really goes to my heart and instantly connected with me, because my 2 yr old daughter likes to play (hammer on) the piano with me and has already figured out, which button of my D300s is for playback and which for taking pictures… Thank you so much for sharing this.

  21. I was blown away by that, RC.

  22. When you said she’s proof, you brought me to tears. Wonderful post.

    P.S. McNally is awesome (I attended a seminar in DC) and yesterday I actually watched your course on Kelby Training (Protecting your images online) — great stuff.

  23. beautifully touching video RC. Many thanks to you both for sharing such personal insights with us.

  24. Made me melt RC. πŸ™‚

  25. Really inspiring and moving.
    Great work

  26. Beautiful story told with a beautiful video. Thanks for sharing RC.

    I hope you get the time to make more videos soon.

  27. Thank you RC, there’s so much life in this post. Reminds me of a famous quote by Victor Hugo:

    β€œThe philosophers say, moderate your joys… I say, give them full rein. Can there be too many perfumes, too many rose buds, too many nightingales singing, too many green leaves, too many dawns in life? Can you love each other too much? Can you be too much alive? Can you be too happy? Moderate your joys? Oh, balderdash! Down with the philosophers!”

    way to suck the marrow out of life!

  28. Enjoyed our conversation this evening. After we got home had the chance to watch the tribute with sound, this time … BEAUTIFUL! Bill and Nancy

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