1. Very nice shot to be place in the office. Wish I have such a shot to be printed out as well…:)

  2. Wow thats very nice!

  3. How about a metal print of this image of you holding the metal print ! Your city nite-scene looks very good on the web, and I’m sure it looks fantastic in real life. I may have to create a new image worthy of a metallic print.

  4. Hmmm- very nice RC!

    The key to that one was getting in that spot to take that picture though!

    Was that taken through an open window or out on a balcony or something?

  5. Very nice! but where is the third part of your revie on Fuji X100?

  6. RC,
    It is awesome to see you so excited about your work. I got some samples from Image Wizards the other day. They were awesome. Would this be ideal for portraits though? Your thoughts?

    Be well,

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