Got My Print from Bert Monroy and Image Wizards!

I love watching art be made! To that, I have always been an unabashed fan of Digital Artist Bert Monroy. Bert is widely considered a grand master in the realm of working in Photoshop, and has been making people do triple takes on images for an extremely long time. It’s his ability to be able to create beautiful works on a pixel by pixel basis makes him a legend in this space and a person whom I deeply admire. To be able to call him a friend is an even better privilege.

Get Lost In the Art

While I have so many different images of his that I like, one of the ones that’s really been a favorite for me has been Oyster Bar. The picture is a replica of a street in Manhattan and every single bit of the image is made in Photoshop – from scratch!! Because of this, this image is one that you just seem to fall into. You can easily spend hours wondering about the technique – sitting there dumbfounded over how much detail there actually is in the image.

My Print Is Here! My Print Is Here!

Now, I mean this sincerely.. I don’t think I was completely prepared for how well this image was going to look on Metal. I had chatted with Bert about the amount of detail in the image, and how you get lost. and I’ve seen great quality prints made of things with high definition in general. But I wondered what -this- print would look like on metal. Imagine my surprise when Bert and Image Wizards sent me a copy of the print. Impeccably packed, this print had so much detail, so much brightness, I swear it looks like it’s backlit. Just an intense shot, and a great job done by Image Wizards. Totally recommended!

Donde Esta Bert Monroy!

If you guys get a moment, i’d encourage you to make sure you go visit Bert Monroy at his website, and take a look at the stuff that he does on Kelby Training. If you are headed to Photoshop World – you can even catch him live there. If you cant make it to those venues, you also want to keep in mind that he has a tour that he’s taking out called “Bert Monroy Seminars: The Making Of Times Square” which is an AMAZING undertaking. Make sure you take a look at all of this information at these links:

An Oldie But Goodie

I couldnt help but do a little Google Research on this.. and had to give it to you. Here is Bert Monroy doing what he does best on a show I absolutely loved – The Screen Savers. He is intro’ed by another legend in this space – Leo Laporte of the Twit Network. Enjoy!


  1. Bert is truly amazing. I miss the show he used to do on Revision 3. Always learned something interesting.

  2. I just happened to be checking out “Times Square” at PSW in Orlando and Mr. Monroy appeared – he was kind enough to let me grab a quick picture of him with his masterpiece. Seeing “Times Square” close up only makes you appreciate his work even more. Awesome!

  3. I owe alot to Bert. He was the guy that initially got me excited for Photoshop way back when. I suppose I owe Leo and TechTV too for introducing me to his work.

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