Running into deadmau5 in Vegas

The day before I was off to teach at Photoshop World in Vegas, we took to Fremont Street – one of my most fav places to go. While I was there, it looks like deadmau5 was in town, and taken to the streets to do some stuff. What he was doing doesn’t really matter. What -does- matter was that everyone around him (myself included) was having a good time.

Except one guy.. passing by in his scooter. I dont think he had the FIRST clue as to what was going on.. which I thought was awesome.

I’ve since spent the entire week listening to deadmau5 on my spotify account… the music just gets in and wont let you leave!

Check out deadmau5 At this link – my fav – “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff” (Original Version)


  1. Thanks for posting this! You’re right, everyone was having a blast. I wouldn’t have given a second thought as to who it actually was if you hadn’t clued me in 🙂 Going to go find some of his music now…so far I’ve liked what I’ve heard!

  2. That’s pretty cool, since you guys used his song in the runway intro for PSW. Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff has been my ring tone for long time!

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