Never Forget

I was absolutely exhausted after Photoshop World – but there had been something that I wanted to do for a very long time. Sitting in a hotel room in vegas, I just decided that this year would be the year.

I came home, played with my daughter. Woke up. Hugged and kissed her a happy third birthday, and got on another plane to New York City. For ten years i’ve wanted to be on a plane and headed into New York City. Didn’t have a plan, didn’t have clothes. Just an itch to go.

For my friends – may you guys be in the better place I know you to be. For the thousands lost – may you forever rest in peace. For the thousands left behind with such a gaping wound – may you find peace, love, and hope knowing that they will always be with us in our hearts – the towers just serving as their beacons to heaven.


  1. Awesome post my friend.

  2. “Beacons to heaven” I love it! Great blog RC, glad you got to experience it. Was worth the travel.

  3. i’m so glad you seized the day and realized your intention … this photo and your narrative are a beautiful tribute to the city you love and the people you memorialize … thanks so much for sharing this wonderful photo … you did it!

  4. You said it all.

  5. In true RC style and fashion you have once again captured a beautiful moment and narrated a wonderful tribute to a city Americans now holds in its heart… 🙂

  6. Thanks for sharing such a rich image, RC. Your images are not only inspirational, they emote reflection. As you mention in “The HDR Book” about finding your ‘sound’ or ‘style’, your stories, shared experiences and generosity to share knowledge is very much appreciated.

  7. Goosebumps. Thank you for sharing this, RC.

  8. Wonderful post. I love your photography and when I saw this image, I stared at it for quite some time. My family is there now, visiting for the anniversary. I have many friends and family in NYC who were there on that day. I was actually a freshman at the naval academy when it happened. The last 10 years in the military has had a little bit more meaning for me because of that. Nice work my friend.

  9. RC, It is 9/18/11 and I just now read this. It brought tears to my eyes.

    My lovely daughter Quinn work on the third floor (she’s OK) and I personally knew two first responders.

    The thing that got me was remembering all the nightmares I listened to as a resource for the National Nightmare Hotline created as a result of 9/11.

    For two hours every Sunday night for a year I manned the hotline and helped when I could. It was heart-breaking to learn how deeply people from all over the country were affected.

    Thank you for sharing. I just love your rememberance and your image.

  10. RC. got a question about dng. OK, we shoot raw and then import and convert to dng. Do we lose information that we would otherwise have if we did not convert? I was thinking of converting in order to save HD space, so thought dng would be the best of both worlds. Do you save the raw only?

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