The Apple Orchard


As of late, it looks like my daughter Sabine is single focused on talking about apple orchards (I think it comes from Super Why or something). Being that we live in Florida now, Apple orchards are one of those things we really don’t see. Over the weekend, I went to shoot a wedding in Red Hook, NY (close to 2 hours of the city).

I was working the wedding until sunset, and started my drive back to Long Island as I had a 9am flight back the next day.

I was driving through a winding patch of road during the post-sunset “blue hour” and came upon an apple orchard to the left of the car. The camera was riding shotgun with me – set to about 6400ISO. I left my tripod at home in Florida – I hadn’t planned on shooting anything other than the wedding.. too tired.

I slowed down the car as much as I could, watching out the rearview to see if any cars were coming behind me. Using¬†+Joe McNally “Da Grip” ( more info here:¬†Joe McNally – Da Grip ), I fire off the best 5 frame backet I could and just keep moving. The file was a little noisy, but the mood was there. At the end, if it winds up as Sabine’s ipad wallpaper, its cool. At least Daddy got her apple orchard.

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