Lisa Bettany in Times Square

Was walking around Times Square after having dinner with a friend of mine. Wanted to go back and scout the area and see if there was something that i’d miss, or get better Times Square shots that would be cool. As i’m walking back, I ran into +Lisa Bettany – mastermind behind “Mostly Lisa” and the force behind the iPhone app, Camera+.

I’ve been reading up on Lisa, the Photographer over at her website, . I’ve always admired how someone like Lisa, who is totally comfortable on the modeling side of things, excels even further as a shooter – all the while giving people the play by play on making images on her blog. To me, she’s always seemed like an innately curious shooter and a cool tech girl out there.

At the end of the day, I consider myself a portrait shooter, and love mixing styles to complement this. While chatting, I politely asked if she wouldnt mind posing for a quick shot as she surveyed what her next shot would be. To me, camera in hand, filled with wonder, in one of the best places in the world to be – I figured this was a moment to make sure you bear witness to.

Hope youre getting some cool shots out there!

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