This is from SoHo – facing downtown during the blue hour. Funny enough, it was shot through a window.

This is the wild part – I’m afraid of heights. Like, I dont like them at all. If there’s one thing that really freaks me, it’s heights. That said – this is one of those things that I really like about what Photography has given me. Over the last couple of years i’ve been really fanatical about getting up in high places to take pictures of NYC . Perhaps in both missing New York, and experimentation, these passions have made my fear of something take a little bit of a backseat.

I mean, I’ve sat in the center of New York City about 50 stories up, in front of a scaffold and said ‘Ok.. I can get on that swinging thing in the rain, and if I lean over it 3/4 of the way, I can get this shot”

If you knew just how bad I can be afraid of heights – you’d know just how much something I love is giving back to me.


  1. Just as you got over being uncomfortable around firearms, you can (will) overcome your fear of heights. Just don’t look down while you’ re doing it……

  2. I can relate to what you’re saying. I call it being “in the zone”. Suddenly I forget about how scary the height is, how wet it is, how cold it is, etc. Only when I finish up do I start to realize how oblivious I got to my surroundings.

    As to the height thing, I’ve now gone up in a helicopter twice, once in Alaska, once in Arizona, something I never could have gotten up the nerve to do in my pre-photographer days.

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