Shot this pictire of the Koloa sugar mill in Hawaii last time I was out there with +Moose Peterson . The picture was shot with a Lee 10 Stop “Big Stopper” filter, and there were a bunch that we did of this series that I just havent played with. Found this one today and was like “hmm.. I wonder”. This place was an HDR Paradise.

More often than not When you’re looking at HDR pictures, they are usually pictures of interesting places rather than interesting pictures. I appreciate what the software does to the shot, but I know that for the most part, the location is the one that’s doing the heavy lifting here in terms of the shot.


  1. RC interesting places can help make interesting photos. This place looks awesome. It sparks my curiiusity. The software is secondary to the pace, the vision. Awesome work.

  2. Looks like an interesting place, but I don’t see what the Lee filter is doing for you here. I’d expect to see more blur in the clouds.

  3. Dig it!

  4. Great shot RC. I was just there a couple weeks ago and did some exterior shots. But, I recently saw a cool HDR interior shot that you did. How did you get inside? Did I miss an entrance somewhere?

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