Put the Print Up – See How you Feel


As much as I love working on making the picture, I absolutely love how it looks when you are finally done with it and print it. I really get into checking out how different papers just make images look different. The prints are what are going to be up on the wall – they’re the things that are sold. To that, its important to see how the print will hold up, not just when I print it.. but when I put it somewhere and walk by it later.

The great part about where I work is that we have these stands dotting our hallways. Anyone can print something and place it there – giving you a chance to check out how you feel about the print as you walk by it later, as well as to show others what you’re working on. In this instance, i’ve printed the Koloa print on an Epson 4900 printer (which I absolutely love) on Hahnemuehle paper (Matt Cotton Textured).

I think when you’re looking at Fine Art papers like Hahnemuehle you have this impression that a specific type of image belongs on the paper. I like to print all sorts of different styles of Photography on the paper and see how it fairs. Because HDR tends to look so painterly – I think that the textured fine art paper really makes it sing.

After walking by it for a few days, I can think to myself “Yeah.. cool.. this is something that i’d be OK selling or giving to someone” or “What was I thinking processing it this way” and go back to the drawing board. I think revisiting your work – be it at the print, or on the screen – can give you a lot of perspective when looking at your own work. I just happen to love the print process.


  1. Wow, I bet that looks great printed out! I’ve always wondered what you do with all of your HDRs. I know they look great on screen, but never thought about printing them out on fine art paper. I guess a good image with the Glamour Glow effect is a prime candidate for fine art paper?

    BTW, I bet that print would look even better mounted on my living room wall. Any chance you want to send it over? Haha, jk (kinda).

    Have a great day!

  2. RC — love the shot! Love the print! That would look great in my house!

    Question: What is that mounting system you have. Looks like two aluminum bars held up by poles of some kind. Tell me about that! I’ve been looking for a simple system for temporarily displaying prints that does not require the prints to be mounted. Thanks!

  3. Hey Ron, just saw your comment. I recommend using miniature clothespins that are hanging on some twine. You can just mount the twine up with a bunch of clothespins, and it’s really easy to change out pictures. I have one of these over my sofa and it looks pretty cool. Anytime I make new prints, I just put them up for a while. The ones that I like, I go ahead and frame … the ones that I don’t like, well, they just come back down.

    Here is a link to the miniature clothespins on Amazon:

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