I Forgot To Feed my Flickr Baby

Argh!! I feel like such an idiot! I didn’t see – not one… not two.. but threeemails that I got from people on Flickr about wanting to license a couple of images that I have on that account. Why didn’t I see them? Cause I just stopped looking over there. Last couple of weeks i’ve been cleaning my plate, so to speak, and in the process of that, I havent tended to that area too much.

So I am in the process of making sure all of the descriptions on my page make sure that they say to contact me at my email address for print/info – even though it’s in the metadata. The clearer you are.. the easier it is…

The other thing that I did, Is go back into my website and actually add a “Print Sales/Licensing” link in the top menu:

Again.. prominent.. not not in the face..

This just reminds me that while I still prefer 500px waaay more than Flick – Flickr still serves a purpose for me as a repository.. and in some cases a revenue stream.

Just not for these three .. argh! I could just kick myself!

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  1. That is a huge bummer!
    But I’m confused RC. If they were emails, why didn’t you see them in your email? Or they were posted as comments on your Flickr page?
    Not that anyone has ever asked to license an image from me, but just in case anyone ever does, I want to know where I should be looking!!

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