Argh!! I feel like such an idiot! I didn’t see – not one… not two.. but threeemails that I got from people on Flickr about wanting to license a couple of images that I have on that account. Why didn’t I see them? Cause I just stopped looking over there. Last couple of weeks i’ve been cleaning my plate, so to speak, and in the process of that, I havent tended to that area too much.

So I am in the process of making sure all of the descriptions on my page make sure that they say to contact me at my email address for print/info – even though it’s in the metadata. The clearer you are.. the easier it is…

The other thing that I did, Is go back into my website and actually add a “Print Sales/Licensing” link in the top menu:

Again.. prominent.. not not in the face..

This just reminds me that while I still prefer 500px waaay more than Flick – Flickr still serves a purpose for me as a repository.. and in some cases a revenue stream.

Just not for these three .. argh! I could just kick myself!