Don’t Try To Fix Me Im Not Broken…

Yesterday, we were getting ready for the retouching event for NAPP with+Corey Barker and Shelly Giard . The look that they wanted to go for required a specific set of lighting, so I was in the studio earlier in the day to make sure lights were ok.. things were set, and we were up and running.

In order to do this, I needed a stand in model to jump in and help out with stuff here. I called my buddy Justine – whos is wanting to see if she can hang as a model, and she came over and served as my stand in. While she was there, I figured i’d take a couple of shots.

I’ve talked about it before, and I say that most of the¬†#Photography that I like to do is largely motivated by music. When we were working on some lights, I couldn’t help but get “Hello” by Evanescence out of my head. When I was looking through the frames and found this one, the processing and tone definitely leaned towards it.

It’s wild – by in large i’m a very melancholy shooter..Hanging with my buddy¬†+Erik Valind definitely challenged me to brighten up my images.. but in the dark parts its where I usually feel most comfortable in.. True to that.. i’ll always go back to that style . Now – I’ve been happy with the bright shots i’ve done.. but theyre more deviations than they are changes.. If it aint broke, right..

What about you guys..what kinds of words would you use to describe your pictures. Think more emotional words than technical ones..

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