Animoto and NAPP

Hey everyone, RC here. This weekend, Animoto is making an incredible offer to you. If you get an Animoto Pro account, they are paying for your yearly membership to NAPP . This lets you take two amazing services, right in one spot. Let me tell you about Animoto and show you one of the videos i’ve made!

If you are a photographer or designer looking to get a set of images to someone in a slideshow, you cannot beat what Animoto can do for you. Animoto is a program that lets you upload your images, and set them to great looking slideshows, with wonderful transitions and effects, and GREAT music, in absolutely no time. You can export to Youtube. You can export HD quality videos. You can embed the videos on your website. It’s wonderful.

Now, if you’re not a member of The National Association of Photoshop Professionals, well.. you should be. Imagine a website with over 70,000 members talking about all things Photoshop. Hundreds of video tutorials, forums, and discounts. The discounts alone would be a membership!

Whether you are a new or existing NAPP member, you can totally take advantage of this deal. To get started click on the link below!

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