Download An HDR Project Today – “Stairs”

Im digging playing around on My Google Plus Page. To be able to just hang out and talk creatively with people is a great plus – and there are tons of artists out there just taking advantage of the medium to share. If you havent done a hangout,. definitely something for you to check out.

I did a hangout last night where I would just go through tonemapping a random file I had in my library. I picked this shot, also from Hawaii – for people to watch during the process. I also told everyone in the hangout if they wanted to play with the same file they could download it on this post.. so i’m throwing it in there for you guys as well! Have fun with it. Click on the link below to get the raw files and the Photomatix preset for you to use. Enjoy!

Click here to download the Stairs Raw images and Photomatix Preset


  1. Thanks for the opportunity. I’ll try for sure! Hugs from Brazil.

  2. Thanks for sharing your RAW files, RC. Just a project I need for this windy holiday day ;). It was so much fun post-processing it and coming up with something different. See for yourself!

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