The Organization (A Leica M9 HDR)

I was sitting at home, and I was totally itching to get out and make another picture before the end of the year. I borrowed this Leica M9 to see if I could do something interesting and I hadn’t really played too much with it, so that was sitting in my head.

I remembered a spot back when I did the Santa Claus shoot at the flea market. There’s this guy that has this area where he sells all sorts of random old stuff. What really stood out to me was the organization of so many different little things. Just made me think about how my brain usually feels.. just overcluttered with all of these random things. I caught this area by the corner of my eye, and figured i’d come back to scout it.

Took the M9 with me, and tried as best I could to make a picture of the area. I want the guy sitting in the middle of all of this, but I figured if I kind of worked this shot, printed it, and took it back to him, it could offer a door opener to get what I really want. That and i wanted to take this thing out for an #HDR spin. It behaves well, and makes nice files!

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