Download A Yosemite Bracketed Series

My friend Trey Ratcliff had headed up to Yosemite for the first of the year to do a photo walk. I was so bummed that I couldnt go, that I started to go back to checking out the stuff that I had shot in Yosemite the last time I was there. The picture above was a 9 stop HDR that I worked on from that trip.

I thought it be cool idea to just give it to my readers on My Google Plus account and let them play with it. I wanted to make sure you guys could download it as well. The files are almost 100MB, and are 9 DNG raw files with a Photomatix preset in them. Click on the links below to check em out.

mirror link: in case the other one is slow:

I also held a Google Plus hangout last night where I showed how I tonemapped those files. I tried to accomodate as many as I could, but being only limited to 10 sucked. Thankfully, Keith Barrett of The Vidcast Network jumped in and broadcasted the hangout and recorded it. Thanks Keith, you rock! As soon as its recorded all the way i’ll pass it on.

I’m also going to go and cull together a list of the people who tonemapped and created their versions of those files. That was definitely fun.. and some nice takes on things!

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  1. Thanks for sharing last night. I had a fun time and picked up a couple of techniques, too.

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