Download (and Watch) A HDR Process!

On the heels of the previous tonemapping demos that we did for the Photomatix side of things, I was able to do a new one today as well. There were three different things to it, however:

1. Focused on using 1 RAW image instead of 9
2. Focused on using HDR Efex Pro from Nik Software (which I prefer.. and love)
3. I was able the record the process locally, and share it on Youtube! (this is different from their On Air stuff tho)

You can Check out the Sourcefile and download the file at this link.

Once you’ve played with it and are done, you can watch how I worked on the file on the video below:

(oh, and click on the image to the right. The thumbnail process on WordPress seems to be messing up the color of the image. The original one you’ll see when you click looks more normalized. – RC )

Check Out My Ipad Apps
Have to throw in a plug here.. 🙂 If you are digging this entire download-tonemap-shadow me while I tonemap kinda thing, I actually have a couple of #apps in the #Itunes store. Make sure you check em out;

HDR Crash Course

HDR Expansion Pack – Grit and Feel

Have Fun!


  1. This is Awesome RC! great tutorial, I’m not saying that I will, but I might go now and buy the whole Nik Software collection hehe! Thanks man!

  2. Literally I have gone looking multiple times for that Lightroom tip, (O in the crop tool) for over a year. Thanks for the tip RC!

  3. I bought the ipad app HDR Expansion Pack – Grit and Fell but i can’t see the Course Download section in the left navigation. so where can i download the files for practice? By the way – good tutorials about HDR.

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