A Picture For Tawni Henlin

Not too long ago, I was having a hangout (or Chat..dont remember which), where we were talking about Printing and stuff. In the middle of this, we were chatting away when someone who randomly joined us, Tawni, mentioned that despite taking lots of pictures, she had never had a picture of hers printed.

I really do dig getting a print of a picture, and I love making them. Its one of those things that feels like it’s the final place for the picture. Ansel Adams often said that the Negative is the music, but the print is the performance.. and I totally think thats the case. There’s just something cool about it.

So, I offered to make a print of one of her pictures – thats the one that’s here.. We use Epson 4900 and 7900 printers here at work, and i absolutely love the Signature Worthy papers that they have. Specifically, I love the Cold Press Bright and Cold Press Natural papers.. They are textured papers that really make the print sing. This is a couple of shots of me and my buddy +Ron Duncan oggling the 17×22 print that we made.

Now.. in the last two pictures i’m pointing to the right corner, under the shot. Tawni.. this is where you sign your picture. Use a drawing pencil (see attached, its pointing to the spot where you sign), and sign it away.. this is your first shot..

You’re gonna love it. If you guys havent thought about printing.. you totally should. 🙂


  1. What a lovely thing to do.

    I’m a big fan of printing. When my cousins and I cleaned up after our childless bachelor uncle passed, we divided up hundreds of photos he took over the years (decades). I can’t imagine a digital equivalent happening, or if it did, having the same impact.

    I think it is our printed photos that will define our legacy as photographers, not our online ones.

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  3. This is a Big deal, great photo of a covered bridge. Congratulations Tawni!

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