No Sitting On the Fence

In Photography – there almost always are two camps – the Photographervs. the Photographist . The Photographer is the guy that’s worried about the picture in front of him and when he’s asked about the technology, he just kinda looks at you and says “Um.. I dont know why I just chose that F stop. It just seemed right for what we were doing at the time”

The Photographist is the dude who takes great pleasure at going to the Nikon booth at big trade show expo, and debating the sensor size change difference with the staff there in micrometers, and arguing how changing the array colors within 4 nanomicrometers will offer a .0345 percent shift in the gamma radiation of the ( im falling asleep on myself here )

What’s wild is that it becomes a bunch of camps. Get excited about the technology and the “The power is in you Posse” Will beat you down with Gear Is Good Vision Is better or The Best Camera Is the One Thats With You engraved into a Louisville slugger. Sit with yourself and talk to people about “It’s not the arrows, its the Archer” and people will follow you home to see if you;re spending your nights out in a shed in the middle of nowhere whittling birds out of a redwood.

Want to get a bunch of crazy looks? Sit in the middle. Tell people technology is totally cool to gawk at. It’s OK to do the Tim the Toolman Grunt (for refernce: Home Improvement: Call of the Wild) When a piece of gear comes out, and look at the gear for what kinds of problems that technology can solve. Relay to the masses that you get the entire “The Power is IN your head” and that you believe that too. and work for that too.. But that you can totally want nice things, and have that be ok.

Android vs. Iphone – Apple vs. PC, Film vs. Digital, G+ vs Facebook, HDR versus Natural – we over obsess over the camps.. Just chill in the middle of the forest and geek out over the fact that all of this tech is happening in your lifetime.. right now.. By the grace of whatever – we are seeing some really cool @(*&@(*& happening..

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  1. I think a lot of it comes down to perspective, there’s no one right way to do anything – not even the middle ground (sorry RC) – it’s just the way that’s right FOR YOU. Or them, or whoever. Maybe the guy/gal saying they look forward to what they can “do” is based more on their desire to create important & lasting imagery that can change the world – a lofty goal, but a noble one.

    I know my way (the right way, obviously) is that I want to create images that *I* like, and have some fun while doing it – which includes geeking out about stuff I buy, about stuff I’ll never buy, and sometimes putting forth a completely irrelevant argument that doesn’t actually change the world (like the x100 is, still, overhyped). It’s fun, it’s human discourse, it’s Phodo-political.

    Some of us have stakeholders, advertisers, publishers, clients. Some of us have all those, but they require us to be a different kind of person. I guess that’s part of your camps analogy, and part of the camps that you reference are also built as businesses and brands… photographers who’ve taken a bit of themselves and sold it as a clique. Undoubtedly you’re in the Kelby group RC, and I have a lot of respect for you and what everyone there does – I’m all in – but I hope that doesn’t pit me against the other guys… because I kind of like what they have to say too.

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