The Package From Crazy Traci

Couple of days ago, I got a box in the mail from one of my buddies, Traci. Now, don’t get me wrong… We absolutely love our fans and are completely grateful for every single one of them. That said, when you get a package with a bunch of tape wrapped around it, and the package is labeled from “Crazy Traci” – you kinda get this really weird feeling – not wanting to shake the thing profusely (Unfortunately, these kinds of things happen… a darn shame).

OK.. so back to the box. I was all “Awww.. from +Traci Alexander ” Then like “Uhh.. should I open this with a long stick outside?”.. As I opened the Flap and saw the HUGE amount of tape inside of it, along with writing on the inside of it, i was like “Oh @*&@^*&^@ I shouldve totally opened this outside with a long stick… DUCK!!!” Till the better side of me calmed me down.

I continued to read the inscriptions on the package and unpack it (very slowly I may add), and then got the biggest smile on my face. Aside from a really cool USB drive that she had included, Traci had mailed me two beautiful masks that she hand carried from her trip to Venice not too long ago. That brought the biggest smile on my face.

Traci’s this person that just takes life by its proverbial homes. Her and her husband have decided to up move to San Diego and take their family to Venice and live there. Just up and go “Venice.. sure.. lets do it” is something that most of us can just dream to do. That spark is something that is completely admirable. For you guys to think of my little girl (the little mask is for her) and I from that far away is something that I am truly grateful.

To all of you.. not a time goes by that I dont think that I get to do what I do because of each and every one of you. I am blessed beyond words.


  1. Good to see that they arrived in one piece – those masks look delicate.

    Whilst we’re on the subject RC, I did post a little ‘thank-you’ gift from over here in the UK before Xmas. Just wondering if you recieved that package ok too?

  2. Those are awesome…I can think of a few shoots you could center around them!

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