W Eugene Smith’s “Country Doctor” Story

Couple of days ago I got this recommendation from +Joe McNally on the W. Eugene Smith Photo Essay “Country Doctor”. This photo essay – covering the life of a general practitioner in the Colorado country Ernest Ceriani.

Out of all photography – portraiture is the one that fascinates me the most. Recently i’ve been getting drawn back into black and white work. This means spending evenings and weekends re-visiting the masters and checking out their work in an effort to keep my own stuff in shape. Like any skill – photography is something that will get soft if you dont exercise it properly.

W Eugene Smith’s Essay can be found here

Flabby. Me. Photographically
Recently I feel like my work is all Love handles and not enough leather pants. This has got me into this research mode, and why I was so grateful for another source of inspiration.

Putting aside Google+ for a second – what do you do to work your photography out. Do you read books? Visit a museum? Go on a Photo walk? I think there aren;t many photographers out there, legend or not, that wouldn’t agree that they could use a pushup or two. 🙂

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  1. As a D3s owner I was just wondering if your thinking of a D4

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