Window Shopping in HDR

I have the fortune to be able to get to NYC over the last couple of days.  I’ve been working on collecting another set of HDR images to play with, and whenever I think of HDR, New York always comes to my forefront.

I went out to walk with my friend Maryana Hordeychuk and spent the day just meandering about the city.  During the day, we got some cool shots and even got a chance to get to Max Brenners.

While I was walking back, I saw a couple of shots that I thought would be really cool – but they were all behind windows ! I think that despite the windows, I will always attempt to do a shot through a window just to see if it works. To do this, I’ll just press my lens right onto the window and fire.  I figure, at the very least it’ll be a good shot to experiment with.  This time it did not disappoint. 🙂



  1. Wow!!!!!! What a shot! That’s awesome.

    Thank you so much for a lovely mention 🙂

  2. Great picture, nice idea to capture in different way. The last touch, was made in Topaz Star Effects?

  3. Nice work! Just saw your blog from stuckincustoms. 😀

  4. Great post RC.

    I agree, there are interesting graphic opportunities photographing through NYC windows.

    Here’s one I shot a few years ago that I like (unfortunately, it’s not HDR):

    Shortly after I took the shot, I was reprimanded by a waiter who ran out and told me “No photos!”

    I offered to erase the shot I took, but he backed down and said no worries, just don’t take anymore.

    Even though I was within my rights, shooting from the street, I respected his wishes.

    Cheers, Ivan

  5. What a crazy shop…glamour glow FTW!

  6. Very effective use of HDR! Love the effect and the idea of not letting the glass get between you and a promising shot is a good one to remember. Cheers!

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