St. Mary The Virgin Church : NYC HDR

As I was walking home from a meeting in New York City, I passed St. Mary The Virgin – a church right next to my hotel on 47th Street. HDR Photography sings when you go into a dimly lit place like a church, so whenever I walk by one I will always check to see if its open. Thankfully, this one was.

I walked in and noticed that there was just 2 people in the church – someone taking a rest in the place and the guy closing it down. I immediately went to the back of the church and found the guy who was locking up.

Rather than going into a giant speech of what I wanted to do, I just pulled out my iPad and opened up a category of HDR images that I have. I swiped over to a church I had done in NY and just said “Hey.. can i get a couple of seconds to do¬†this

While the guy flicks through the images he quickly gives me a “yes” and the iPad keeps him busy while I make the exposures I needed to make. In just a few minutes, all of the exposures were done, and he was happy to let me take a couple of more minutes to review the images to make sure I got what I needed.

It’s times like this that a clear vision of what you want to do helps. It’s times like this that this iPad has been invaluable in getting me an opportunity. Now.. to follow this up, i’ll send the church a print of this to show my appreciation. I figure, this lets me pay respects and thanks them for the couple of minutes I get to do my craft .

It’s all a give and take.


  1. Awesome! Some of the cathedrals and building in Paris would be perfect for this!

  2. There are two very good points you make in this article:
    1) How to use the iPad while working with a person and/or business
    2) How to thank the person and/or business for the photographs you took.

    Great Article!!

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