Icelandic Workshop on DSLR Video: with Richard Harrington and Vincent Laforet

Last year I was approached by Einar Erlendsson last year about doing a workshop over in Iceland.  Over the last year and change, there’s been this big bug that’s bit me in the form of DSLR video – so the possibility of sharing on something like that was tops in my list.  Who wouldve thought that the idea of working on a workshop on video would turn into something really cool.

I have the fortune of partnering with two people who I think are just the tops when it comes to this:  Rich Harrington of Rhed Pixel and Director / Pulitzer Prize winning Photographer Vincent Laforet in creating the workshop “A Story In Motion”

“…This workshop is the first of its kind.  A comprehensive look at all things to do with motion storytelling. If you thought that a single image can move a person, imagine what a few moments in video can do. This workshop is not about button pushing and camera settings (though you’ll get plenty of technical expertise).  You’ll learn how to create compelling video that captures both stories of Iceland’s people and enthralling footage to illustrate the story.”

If you’re interested, feel free to click on the picture above or click on this link.

Im absolutely excited that you’d want to join us.  I could not think of a more beautiful place to record videos and stills – this trip will be the most memorable!!

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