This is Why I like to Shoot HDR

Another shot from handing out by the University of Tampa at the Plant Building. This is why I like to do HDR still. I went through all of the bracket series to see if there was a shot that stood out. Not one of them really did. However, aggregately – you dip into something.

A lot of people ask whether HDR brought out the bracketing in me. Truth is, i’ve always bracketed. I’m the always hedge your bets kinda guy. The only difference is that now when I post process – instead of fishing through the bracket for the best shot and dumping the rest, I now look at all of them to see if the sum is better than the parts.


  1. That is why I like *you* to shoot HDR too. 😀

  2. I have never understood people aversion to HDR…it just makes sense to me.

  3. Hey I really like your pics. I’m not really a photography smart guy but what camera do you use? Because my girlfriend loves the pics and I’d like to treat her to a nice birthday gift.

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