Resurrection Chapel at the National Cathedral

Right before I headed to the airport post Photoshop World, my buddy Matt took me around back to the National Memorial to make some shots. This was the Resurrection Chapel down in the crypt area. This was shot with a 24-70 for a 9 frame bracket, and took two vertical images for a vertical pano. The shot was post processed in Photoshop CS6 using Nik Sharpener Pro and Color Efex Pro.


  1. Hey RC,

    could you make a video how you processed this shot? What are you looking for when you’re making photos?

  2. Hey RC,

    Maybe you have covered this in some of your books, in which I case I am very happy to be just pointed towards the book and I will pick it up.

    One thing I struggle with when I bracket and pano is the order to process in. I usually combine the brackets first, and then knit those into my pano. I don’t have 100% success doing this so not sure of the approach more experience people take.


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