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The Glassblower

(First off, thanks so much to the ppl who PMed.. doing ok..  Just needed to take care of some things.  Getting back to the saddle slowly but surely)

I went out last night to support a local Meetup group that we started over here in Tampa – The Tampa Bay Strobist group (link: ).  Usually these monthly events that we do send out about 80 people to go out and shoot with a bunch of models, and Assistant Organizers walk around assisting people with camera stuff.  Me, I just walk around and suggest stuff to the groups.  Its really a cool time.

Walking back from a group, I saw this guy hanging out in front of a store window  blowing glass.  I love watching this stuff.  He’s holding a contest for people online to get a picture of him doing his thing in a couple of days.  Figured i’d give it a shot anyway and send it to him.

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