The Social Media Cafeteria

I love how Social Media these days has become the digital equivalent of a Junior High cafeteria. Its all about what table we sit at. You couldn’t possibly own an Apple product without being a fanboy. You can’t own an Android without being a nerd. You cant use PCs because who uses those anyway. Facebook is for X, G+ is for Y. Instagram now Jumped the shark. Pinterest is for Women. It’s social all right. Let everyone be social long enough, and the clique Lunchroom will emerge. Sad, really.

These technology empowered us to talk about who we are & what we do. We now invest all of who we are into worshipping of the technology. Hopefully the pendulum swings back.


  1. Before the Internet there was CompuServe. I participated in a dBase coders forum then (early 90s, I think). I wound up in a long exchange on the forum with a fellow whose name was familiar from his excellent postings.

    At one point I asked him where he worked..He replied that he was still in high school and was 14.

    I was impressed with his skills so early in life, but had no problem continuing our exchange. Even then, many others on the forum wanted to tell him to come back in a few years when he was an adult.

    Apparently, some thought he was “sitting at the wrong table”

  2. RC, your description of what is happening is right-on. As I thought about, or attempted to “keep up” in all these social networks, I started to feel overwhelmed by it. It was time consuming, brain consuming, and, frankly, pretty frustrating to spend so much time trying to add to the conversation and trying to get my photography seen. One day recently, I realized I was spending so much time and energy on it, that I wasn’t taking photographs as much!

    Hello Marty! Which is more fun? So I haven’t joined Instagram or Pinterest (although I think they’re fine platforms that look like fun) and I’m going back to spending more time photographing.

    Thanks for your description, it was really to the point.

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