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I Got Your Sample Nikon D800 NEF Right Here

So I had posted a quick sample shot that I was playing with here – talking about the incredible amount of detail that the NIkon D800 shoots. That said, I had posted a JPG export out of Lightroom.

I figured, why not post an Actual NEF file. This will let people go and actually check it out for themselves. You can download the 41MB NEF file on my Google Drive: – give it a look over!


  1. wow… opens right up in NX2… and zipping the exposure comp to +2 reveals that there is a ton of detail in the shadows.

    This is bad for the folks at phase one.

    thanks RC! You rock!

  2. This might sound like an amateur kind of question. However to get full use of the RAW data in a NEF or DNG from a Nikon, will LR or ACR even come close to being able to have access to all the data in the original file?
    Capture NX2 seems to bring out so much more tonal detail that LR just can’t touch. I heard it’s a secret sauce sort of thing that Adobe just can’t figure out, if they even wanted to.

    For a portrait shooter like myself who wants full range, it’s a frustrating, since I love LR and hate the NX2 clunky interface….

    Thank you for posting this file RC! 🙂

  3. Thanks for posting this file. Pretty amazing detail in the shadows. What kind of tripod were you using for this 30 second exposure?

  4. I use a Gitzo 3541 Tripod with a Really Right Stuff BH0 head. Hope that helps!

  5. I am unable to open the image link above:

    is it gone alreadY??

    I have a D700, D200, and an old D70.
    What might be my benefits to get the D800?
    Thanks for your help. I enjoy your training.

  6. Detail.. this camera has incredible detail.. make sure you check out my earlier post on it.. shows some good comparable images.


  7. I can’t wait until mine finally shows up. I was amazed that I could clearly read the text on the plaque located on the stars.

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