D800 Doing HDR? Sure!

So while I was out in Tampa getting some Nikon D800 photography footage for an upcoming Kelby Training class I am working on, I wanted to take a couple of snaps to see how the camera does in terms of details.  That got me thinking of wanting to fire off some shots in HDR.  This is just a quick sample shot of what it can do.  Color me inspired. 🙂


  1. Cool stuff RC.

    Is this and HDR straight out of camera? Any further post processing done?

    Does the D800 have HDR “presets” for different looks?

  2. No, this is all processed in HDR at the computer… the brackets were done in the camera.

  3. Beautiful dreamy creamy colorful HDR, just upto taste not more not less 🙂 Sure looks much more amazing in full res. I am curious how you make the glow in PS or NIK color efex?

  4. Hi RC,

    How do you turn on the HDR in the camera. I went through the menu of my D800 and the HDR is dimmed, it won’t let me select it. Thanks


  5. Use any file format BUT Raw.

  6. hi Wade, if youve figured this out can you let me know please lol

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